Charcoal Retorts

charcoal retorts


Pressvess are Europe’s leading manufacturers of Charcoal Retorts.

The retort system offers high charcoal productivity and is a more efficient way of scaling up charcoal production.

By clever design and using the wood’s natural gases to reheat the retorts our charcoal system boasts significant advantages over the more traditional ring style charcoal kilns and offers:

  • More efficient use of raw materials. (I.e. 4 x1 ratio) is normal for these (compared with the normal steel round kilns at 7 x 1 ratio).
  • Improved production efficiency using less material to produce more charcoal.
  • Self Fuelling. Once the retort is started it reheats itself using the wood's natural gases.
  • Improved productivity. The approximate burn time of 8 to 12 hours is significantly less than ring kiln).
  • Greater range of burning control producing a higher quality charcoal.
  • Better for the environment producing more 'friendly' emissions than a kiln.

The complete solution

All Pressvess Charcoal Retorts are:

  • Insulated 8mm Thick S275 Retort Body
  • Insulated 15mm thick BS1501 430A- Boiler Plate Chambers for longevity
  • Double Skinned Doors for heat efficiency
  • 3 off Chimneys for ultimate heat control

Model range:

Model Chamber volume M3
RTS1000 1.5
RTS1600 3.82
RTD1000 3
RTD1600 7.64
RTD 1000 1m double Charcoal Retort

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